Age: 18

Class: 9

Bio: Amrit, Lhakpa Shyangbo, Karma Dolma, and Dev are siblings from a remote village in the mountains. Their life before the earthquake was already difficult. Their father, Bir Bahadur Shyangbo, worked hard every day to provide for his family’s basic necessities. Despite the cost they were able to send three of the kids (Amrit, Lhakpa Shyangbo, and Karma Dolma) to school (a boarding school because it was far from the remote village where they lived). In Nepal where childhood education is not always a given and can be costly it was through his hard work as the sole wage earner and dedication to improving his children’s lives that the children were able to attend school.

After the Earthquake: The earthquake changed all of that. Their home was destroyed. The monastery where their father was working collapsed and Bir Bahadur Shyangbo was caught in it. He was nearly killed in the collapse. He survived but his leg was badly injured which has left him disabled and unable to support his family.

With a father unable to financially support them their ability to continue their education is dependent on this fund’s support. Without it the children would have to return to their village where shelter and food is in limited supply.

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