Age: 11

Class: 5

Bio: Although, Sabina and Dawa still have parents who survived the earthquake and are living, their family lost all their property and livestock in the earthquake. Without any reserves they were left financially ruined as well as homeless. Their parents have been struggling to not just regain what was lost but also survive day to day. After their new crop failed to bring any harvest their situation became even more dire.

Sabina took it upon herself to find a way out for her and her brother. She heard that some of her cousins, Amrit, Lakpa Shyangbo, Karmadolma, and Dev, were already being funded by us to be educated and provided food and shelter at the Shree Nurbuling Manichaur Secondary School. She decided to walk with just Dawa4 to 5 hours to the school and plead with the headmaster to allow her and her brother to stay. Sabina persuaded the school to contact us and see if we could support her and Dawa. We were touched by their situation and Sabina’s desire to help not just herself but her brother as well.

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