Jay Bahadur

Jay Bahadur


Past Student

Bio: Soni Maya, Bhim Bahadur, and Jay Bahadur Tamang are siblings. Their story is one of a lot of loss. They lost their mother in the earthquake. A few months later their father was forced to find work overseas in the gulf to support his family leaving the children in their grandfather’s care. Since the earthquake had destroyed the entire village their father built a simple structure to shelter them. Unfortunately, shortly after leaving their father lost his hand in a work related accident and had to return home without a job and income to support his family. To add to their loss their grandfather died shortly after their father returned.

The children have never been to school and their father is not in a position now to help support them going. Their father cares very much for them and is really struggling to help support them. While he can give them lots of love he can’t provide them with the education they will need to make it in the world. By supporting these children you are not only helping their brighten future but giving hope to their father.

Past student. Please take a look at our other children to help.