Pasang Lama

Pasang Lama

Pasang’s Class

Past Student

Bio: Pasang remembers the day of the earthquake. He was cutting grass outside while his mom and younger brothers were inside. His father was not in his village that day as he was returning from Kathmandu with his aunt and uncle. The earthquake was like nothing he had experienced up til then. It was frightening and he felt as if he was having a very bad dream. All the homes were destroyed and water and food were hard to come by. Pasang couldn’t stop himself from crying. It seemed everyone around him was in despair and crying.

In these moments of despair, though, there were rays of hope. Pasang noticed how the people seemed more united in trying to recover. The sadness never really left – Pasang’s grandmother had died in the tragedy and he still weeps thinking of those early days – but he also felt the solidarity and closeness of his family.

The earthquake and it’s aftermath not only unsettled the earth but Pasang’s life. He and his family moved to Kathmandu to stay with relatives there as his village was destroyed. He moved from school to school as he tried to find his footing.

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