Age: 8

Class: 3

Bio: Preeti’s father left her village 9-10 years ago in search of work. Since then, he has not returned home, and Preeti’s family does not know if he is still alive. He left behind his pregnant wife, a daughter, and unborn Preeti. After many years of waiting for her husband to return, Preeti’s mother too had to leave the village leaving behind Preeti and her sister.

Preeti and her sister have been living with their paternal grandparents. Due to financial hardships her grandparents sent her elder sister to a monastery where she can be fed and learn in a school run by monks.

Growing up with her grandparents has not been a good experience for Preeti. They weren’t very nice to her and mistreated her often. Fortunately last year she was reunited with her mother. Preeti was taken by her mother to her new home in Bothang – a different village.

Preeti’s mother had remarried and had a baby girl with her new husband since she left. Preeti’s step-father also had a boy, Guadam, from his prior marriage. Preeti is a very sweet and friendly girl and quickly bonded with her new extended family of grandparents, half-sister, step-father and step-brother.

Preeti was admitted to the same school as her step-brother Guadam. Preeti’s mother and step-father wanted her to go school and see her get an education. Unfortunately they were not able to support her schooling.  Life is tough in a village and the pandemic has made it even harder.  

Both of Preeti’s parents asked us at Tamang Children’s Fund to help support her schooling as well as room and board at Nurbuling Secondary Boarding School. We are happy to help Preeti and are covering her tuition as well as room and board at Nurbuling Secondary Boarding School. If you would like to help sponsor Preeti please contact us or fill out the form below.

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