Past Student

Bio: Tashi and Priya are brother and sister. They are both enrolled at the Nurpuling boarding school. They have no one to support them because they lost their both parents during the earthquake. And the grandparents are unable to support them as they are struggling themselves for survival.

Their father Raju Tamang was a hardworking man, farmer, and builder from the village of Sindhupalchok in the Baruwa-district who died in the April 2015 earthquake. He had a good life with his wife and two children Priya and Tashi. He earned enough money to support his family and sent his two children to school. Despite living in a very isolated village he had a dream to educate his children, and he wanted the children to have a better future than he had.

Unfortunately, the earthquake struck so badly in his village that he died in the disaster and lost his wife as well. The children survived because they were at school during the earthquake. Priya and Tashi have grandparents but they unfortunately cannot support them as they lost everything too in the earthquake. They remain in the same place in a little make-shift shelter where their home used to be.

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